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Rafa Macarron


Rafael MacarrĂ³n has had a significant career despite his young age. Born in Madrid in 1981, he has developed a very
particular style based on the creation of unique characters that incarnate both the universal and the unrepeatable,linking his work to the artistic tradition of Dubuffet, Fraile and Quiros, among others.
In the magical universes that Macarron recreates, the distorted drawing creates a number of figures whose nature is determined by their deformity and disproportion. In these dream-like scenarios, full of uncommon characters, the artist expands his inner world seeking interaction with the viewer by opposing drama and tenderness.Finally, the thin brushstroke and the colourful backgrounds are placed on aluminium to generate perspective and texture.
Macarron is considered as one of the young Spanish artist with more international projection, having taken part in some of the most important art fairs such as ARCO, Context Art Miami and Scope Basel.

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